If you're single and ready to mingle but you're not a huge fan of those ridiculous dating apps, then it's time to put yourself back out there in the real world. If you live in Georgia, you're in luck because Atlanta is the #1 single-friendly city in the U.S., according to a 2019 report by WalletHub. The days of Bumble and Hinge are over because there are tons of fish in the sea (or city) waiting to be caught.

WalletHub, a personal finance app, conducted a recent study including 35 factors that indicate the "dating-friendliness" of cities across the U.S. All factors were categorized into three primary dimensions: economics, fun and recreation and dating opportunities, measuring things like average date costs, number of attractions and single population.

After compiling and analyzing the data, WalletHub discovered that overall, Atlanta is the most date-friendly city in the country. According to the United States Census Bureau, 45% of U.S. adults are unmarried, which gives us hope when it comes to meeting our soulmate.

Our total score adds up to 69 (ironic?) with the economics rating at 50.71, dating opportunities at 79.72 and fun and recreation at 72.15, which isn't surprising given that we have these super dope private rooftop igloos, the city's last standing retro drive-in theatre and some amazing hidden speakeasies.

Guys (and gals), listen up. It's time to pull up your boot straps and ask that girl you've been eyeing on Hinge on a real date.

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There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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