Americans go crazy when it comes to pizza. Whether you like plain cheese or are bold and get Hawaiian, pizza is a universal love language. This Atlanta pizza festival coming in May will be the nation's biggest pizza festival and it'll only be here for one day. 

The Atlanta Pizza Festival will be making its way to the city this spring on May 10 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can have pizza for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Right now, the location is a secret and won't be announced until closer to the date to keep the anticipation building. 

There will be vendors from all over the world showcasing their pies and you'll have to hit every station. The smell of fresh-baked pizza will fill the air and your stomach will be rumbling.

Bring your wallet because you might want to try every type of pizza they have. This is the first time Atlanta will be hosting the event. Other U.S. cities including Charlotte, Tallahassee and Los Angeles will be hosting this same event this summer as well. 

On the event's Facebook page, there are over 31 thousand people interested in attending this event, so you know the anticipation is high. If you follow their page, you can get all the latest updates on the location and the vendors.

While you're inhaling all the pizza your stomach can possibly hold, you can sip on some brews. There will be wine and beer you can purchase because beer and pizza just go hand-in-hand. 

Throughout the day there will be live music playing and entertainment at different times. You can bring chairs or a blanket to lounge on while you chow down and listen to some tunes on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

All of the pizza will be made on-site and the event is even bringing chefs from Italy to make some deliciousness.

It's not been announced what the admission fee will be (or if there will be any at all) so it's all excitement right now, but Narcity will stay on top of this to bring you all the cheesy details. Come with an empty stomach and get ready to get your grub on.

*Photos used for illustrative purposes

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