Those living in the Northern Hemisphere can count their lucky stars this week because they're in for a surprise. A "black moon" will loom in the Georgia sky tonight, giving stargazers ample opportunities to see a unique astronomical encounter. It's a special event that will give viewers an ultra-dark occasion to see two planets "hanging out" in the Milky Way.

During this event, viewers will be able to see bright Jupiter and Saturn just near the sky's southern horizon, along with the Milky Way. Viewers will be getting a three-in-one show on August 18.

The galaxy should be easily seen with the naked eye under these dark conditions, but to see Jupiter and Saturn you'll need to bring a small telescope to catch a glimpse. explains that there is no single definition as to what exactly a black moon is. It all has to do with the new moon cycle we experience every month thanks to a calendar quirk.

During a given season, the moon usually goes through three new moon phases, but this year, the summer will see four. In this case, the black moon is the third new moon of the summer 2020 season.

As reported by, this occurrence only happens every 32 or 33 months, depending on which time zone you live in.

Social media users, astrologers, and practitioners of Wiccan traditions are said to have popularized the term "black moon" in recent years per

Jupiter will rise over Georgia tonight around 6:07 p.m. followed by Saturn at 6:38 p.m.; both will be visible throughout the night until they are washed out by the morning light.

The Milky Way and planets will be visible as soon as darkness falls, provided the weather stays clear.

You can take your pick of places to watch this event in Georgia, one of them even falls on the list of certified dark-sky parks. So grab your blanket and set up under the stars to watch this celestial show.

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