The 16th season of The Bachelorette aired on ABC last night and we were introduced to all 31 contestants competing for Clare Crawley's heart, including Atlanta native and self-proclaimed "total package" — Bennett Jordan. 

According to his ABC bio, 36-year-old Jordan hails from Atlanta but moved up to the northeast to attend Harvard University where he says he "finally grew into himself." 

Now, Jordan works as a wealth management consultant and financial planner in New York City, "where his life has become everything young Bennett ever wanted."

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Handsome? Check. Great job? Check. Mature and ready to find his wife? Check! 


The bachelor enjoys taking morning yoga classes, strolling along NYC's High Line, and eating at all the best restaurants that the city has to offer. 

Coming into this season, Jordan was looking for a challenge. He claims that his high school girlfriend is the only girl he's ever had to work for and since then, "it's always been women pursuing him." How humble. 

Jordan told ABC that he's "ready for a change and is excited to go on the chase for the woman of his dreams."

The handsome contestant does have a public Instagram, so you can creep on him thoroughly to figure out if Jordan is who you're rooting for this season. 

Jordan received a rose from Crawley on last night's episode, so we'll be seeing him on Episode 2 next week. 

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