If you ever watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a kid, you probably daydreamed about walking in Charlie's fortunate shoes after he scored the golden ticket that led him to a euphoric land of sweets. What was once a fantasy from a candy-filled childhood film is now a reality. There's a treasure hunt sweeping across Georgia later this month and it can earn you $5,000 plus the keys to a candy factory.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article, using information from Tricky Treasures press release, misstated that David Klein was the founder of Jelly Belly and was giving away a Jelly Belly Factory. According to new information provided by Jelly Belly, Klein was one of the minds behind the Jelly Belly name and its marketing ideas but has not been affiliated with Jelly Belly Candy since 1980, when the company acquired the trademark. Jelly Belly states that they are in no way associated with the treasure hunt contest.

David Klein, one of the minds behind the name of Jelly Belly jelly beans, is a modern-day Willy Wonka ready to give away some super sweet gifts before retiring.

In several states across the U.S., including Georgia, Klein and his partner have been secretly hiding "golden tickets" for a project called The Gold Ticket.

However, these valuable finds aren't in the form of actual tickets; rather, you'll be searching for gold necklaces. These necklaces are more than just a mere piece of jewelry though — each one contains secret codes and hints essential for winning a cash prize.

Klein is taking scavenger hunts to a new level because these hidden gems are worth up to $5,000. Georgia will be the first state to launch the scavenger hunt on September 30th, so grab your magnifying glass and channel your inner Inspector Gadget because the game is on.

The goodies don't stop there though.

Each participant will be gifted with CBD-infused jelly beans from Klein’s Spectrum Confections and will be eligible to partake in a second venture called "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt", in which the winner will win ownership of one of Klein's candy factories!

After registering for the treasure hunt, which costs $49.98, participants will be added to a private forum and will receive clues in the form of a riddle on the launch date to guide them through the scavenger hunt.

Keep in mind that you must have a Facebook page to enter the contest. 

If you find a gold ticket, you must submit its code to trickytreasures@gmail.com with the location it was found. More information on what all it takes to play can be found on The Gold Ticket event's website.

Happy hunting, Charlie!

The Gold Ticket

Price: $49.98

When: starting September 30

Address: Georgia

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner Charlie Bucket and hunt for your own golden ticket for a chance to take over one of David Klein's candy factories and win some serious cash.

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