Everyone knows Augusta, Georgia to be the home of the National Golf Course and that is pretty much it. For amateurs, there are a few golf courses around the city, but Augusta is finally getting a Topgolf to be able to get some practice just in case we are invited to the Masters one day. The opening date isn't known at this time. 

Topgolf is a popular location in major cities, and honestly, it is the most fun attraction that you can go to. It has great drinks, great food, and great music. 

There are three bays that you can play on, but the third bay at the top is the best because you do not have to see people's golf balls fly over the top of your head. 

Each of the bays holds eight guests, but only six can play at a time, which is pretty impressive if you ask us. 

The technology at Topgolf if some of the best, and it is crazy to think about how they came up with all of the parts. 

Every ball has a tracker on it, so you can see where your ball goes as soon as it leaves the bay area. You can see the angle, speed, and accuracy of your shot. You will try to make it into different "craters" to get the most points to beat your opponent. 

Topgolf is most famous for their D.I.Y. Injectable Donut Holes. You get 24 holes with the choice of two out of three injectable flavors, chocolate, strawberry jam, or Bavarian cream. 

It also offers a full menu of brunch, lunch, and dinner options, as well as a full bar menu. A waitress or waiter will come to your bay to take your order at your convenience!

If you plan on visiting regularly, and Augustians...you will, you will need to grab a membership card during your first visit that is only $5.00 and this gives you access to free clubs, access to play at any Topgolf, and access to keep up with your score during the game. 

You pay by the hour to play, and it can range anywhere from $25 to $47 depending on what day and what time of the day you play. 

The commissioner of Augusta has not released a date or a location of the groundbreaking start of the build, but we know no matter where it is put, it will be busy all the time. 

Get ready Augusta, we have been waiting on this for years!


Augusta Is Getting A Topgolf

Price: $24-$43

Address: 837 Cabela Drive

Why you should go: Topgolf is an interactive game of golf that is some of the most fun you will ever have. Whether you are an avid golfer, or if you have never picked a club up in your life, this place is for everyone. 


This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only. The photo was taken in Orlando, Florida.

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