Every city in Texas has bad traffic, and whether you're from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, you're probably convinced that your city has the worst traffic ever. Well, there can only be one true victor. A recent study by TomTom released stats showing that Austin takes the number one spot when it comes to terrible traffic in Texas. Tragic, we know.

TomTom is a navigation tech company that specializes in providing accurate statistics and info about congestion to drivers, city planners, and more. They not only cover Austin but 403 other cities across the globe as well. These cities range across 56 countries on 6 different continents. Wow, TomTom really has their work cut out for them! Though, I'm sure when it came to Austin there were no surprises.

Not only is Austin ranked #1 in Texas for worst traffic in 2018, but they also ranked #19 nationally and #179 globally... yikes. Sure we're not #1 in every category (Mumbai, India is #1 in the world), but living in Texas and traveling to other cities within the state, you definitely feel it. If you can avoid commuting to work, you definitely should!

TomTom provided other information on Austin as well. Turns out, Austin drivers spend 25% more time on the roads than the average driver. Christmas Day last year was the only day that had 0% congestion, not that anyone got to enjoy it! Let's hope the construction starts clearing up soon and we can start living like the other, fortunate cities of the world. 

For more information on Austin and it's traffic and congestion stats, you can visit TomTom to view the full 2018 traffic index. And please stay off of I-35, we can't handle any more traffic!

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