If you live in Austin and aren't totally fed up with the traffic by now, you will be, eventually. There's no commute too short in the city, thanks to the never-ending reasons for traffic jams that can last for miles on or off the highway. Austin traffic has Twitter users angry to the point that some have taken to the social media site to encourage anyone thinking of moving to the city.

Just before the New Year, Austin traffic got so bad that people were recording it as proof.

While it's not rare to experience bad traffic in Austin, it's not always worthy of recording. But this time, it was.

One of the videos showed I-35, as well as access roads, so congested that cars were barely moving, if at all.

Just a typical day in good 'ole ATX!

Twitter user @Mari_Trevino23 tweeted the video in question, captioning it "If you're thinking about moving to Austin, Tx... please don't."

The tweet blew up and now has thousands of retweets and favorites, not to mention the replies.

According to the same Twitter user, the reason for that day's traffic was that a firetruck had a flat tire.

Like, are you kidding me?

One tweet that's gotten even more attention is from @_lvmnt07 who quoted the initial tweet and included a laundry list of reasons for people to not move to Austin.

None of which are actually true.

Hurricanes, fires, longhorns running free, and insanely expensive rent were just some of the reasons listed out to stay away from ATX.

While these may be... possible... they're certainly not everyday occurrences.

But hey, anything to keep the everyday traffic from getting even worse!

Some Twitter users didn't quite get the joke, and others like @jragonjames gave legitimate reasons as to why Austin isn't all that great.

Just because your friends are moving here, doesn't mean you have to too.

At least, not until they do something about these awfully small roads!

New Year, New Austin?

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