Austin-based liquor store Twin Liquors is having another incredible 3-day Dollar Sale at all of their 80+ Texas locations. The liquor chain will be marking down hundreds of their best wines, spirits, and bottles to the lowest prices possible, plus one dollar. The sale will go from Thursday, February 28th to Saturday, March 2nd. 

At two Austin locations, Hancock and South Lamar Blvd, the kickoff of the 3-Day sale will include free morning tacos and Bloody Marys, so Austin locals should consider heading there for breakfast!  For every other location, it's recommended that you arrive early on the first day of the sale for the best deals and rarest bottles. 

Twin Liquors will be posting a sneak peek of their sales the night before the event, so tune in on their Facebook page on the 27th to find out which bottles will be at the best prices. Only wines and spirits sized 750 ml or larger are included in the blowout sale, but that only leaves out most beers and a select few liquors.

Whether you enjoy a glass of rosé at the end of the day or prefer a whiskey on the rocks, there is going to be a great deal for everyone. Prices for an average bottle of wine will be marked down $5-20 depending on the bottle and hard liquors prices could be slashed nearly in half during this giant sale. 

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The popular liquor chain offers online ordering and recently launched a home delivery service. Through their website or their new mobile app, customers can choose from hundreds of specialty and classic wines to be delivered straight to their door. What a dream!

Twin Liquors is already offering big discounts this weekend in preparation of their 3-day Dollar Sale, so check out their website or in store for their limited time specials.

Don't miss out on this great sale and head over to your local Twin Liquors from February 28th to March 2nd to get all the good stuff! 


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