Ginormous, hairy ape-man stalking the woods in the Northwest is a beloved folklore that we've all grown up with. But is there a Bigfoot in Washington? We don't know what to think anymore because the Washington State Department of Transport (WSDOT) may have just spotted the sasquatch on its webcam! 

On Wednesday, WSDOT East posted three screengrabs from their webcam on Twitter. 

The sasquatch is said to have been sighted by a traffic camera on State Route 20 at the Evergreen State's Sherman Pass, a lofty mountain pass that sits at an elevation of 5,575 feet above sea level. 

One look at the picture, you'd think it's just the bark of a tree. But a closer looks shows what appears to be a gigantic figure in all black. 

"Sasquatch spotted!!! I'm not superstitious... just a little stitious," the department's tweet began. 

"Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something... might be Sasquatch...," it read. 

Although WSDOT can't confirm if it's the elusive hominid, they simply said, "We will leave that up to you!" 


The agency even tweeted on Thursday that they'd keep an eye out for the ape-man as they headed out.

"We are up in Colville this morning and headed over Sherman Pass! Traction Tires are Advised at this time with a chance to see Sasquatch 👀 yes, I will be looking for the myth as we make the crossing."

And the WSDOT Tacoma Traffic agency replied to the tweet with a, "Beware: Dude with size 19 feet meandering."

Most on Twitter shared the sentiment — one of disbelief. 

Some called it Photoshop, others said it was someone dressed in all black with Uggs on their feet. 

Others couldn't stop calling out the quality of the camera. 

And just when we thought we could have a good, mid-week laugh, someone actually tweeted that they spotted one last October — with a picture. 

It's now safe to say, we don't know what to believe anymore, and if you're driving by Sherman Pass, keep an eye out for the sasquatch crossing. 

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