Yes, pot is legal. No, it's not that easy. What did you expect?

The controversial legalization of marijuana, which goes into effect today, comes with quite a few stipulations, naturally. While a little puff, puff, pass is totally fine for anyone of drinking age, whoever supplied the means to do so, well, they did so against the law.

Confusing, I know. To give a bit of a clearer explanation of what exactly is allowed, and what's not, here are 6 things you need to know about the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts.

Marijuana is "legal" for adults 21 and older.

Or anyone who has a valid medical marijuana permit.

These adults can purchase, possess, home-grow, and use marijuana.

With limitations, obvi. It's legal to have up to 1 ounce of pot on you in public and up to 10 in any residence. You can grow up to six plants per person in your home, with a maximum of 12 per household.

But...Selling weed is still illegal.

That's right, it's legal to buy, illegal to sell - talk about a gray area. This will remain the case until the state treasurer sets up a regulated marketplace and licenses retail stores, which probably won't happen until, earliest, January 2018. However, you can "gift" up to an ounce of pot, as long as there's no money involved. (Anyone need a last minute Christmas gift idea???)

Public consumption of the drug is completely forbidden.

AKA you can't smoke weed on the streets, in the park, or anywhere where smoking tobacco is prohibited.

It's illegal to drive "under the influence" of marijuana.

Although there's no equivalent BAC .08 DUI for weed, so...?

According to CBS Boston, GYO Stuff in Cambridge is offering cannabis seeds for free.

You know, since selling it would be a crime. *Score*

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