Just 2.5 hours north of Boston sits a wondrous land called Lincoln, New Hampshire...where fairytales come to life during the winter season. Sort of. What I'm referring to is the dazzling ice castle that is currently under construction at the Hobo Railroad in the gorgeous mountain country town.

Back for a fourth year at the Lincoln location, the ice castle is expected to attract thousands of visitors this winter after it opens in late December. What started as a small and humble ice cave for his daughter in the backyard of their Alpine home, Ice Castle creator, Brent Chistensen, has grown into a magical winter paradise.

The castle reaches about 25 feet high at its tallest point and spans over an acre in size! But how do they do it? Basically, the castle is formed with an intricate system of sprinklers that use the cold air to build icicles that mold together and, well, mutate into a castle. Pretty genius.

The seriously stunning ice castle features tunnels, slides, fountains and more. While you can visit the castle during the day, the magic really happens at night when thousands of LED lights (coordinated with music) transform the castle into something straight out of a Disney movie.

If you can't make it to the Lincoln location this year, maybe you'll be traveling near one of the four other locations: Eden Prairie, Minn.; Midway, Utah; Wisconsin Dells, Wis.; and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The opening dates haven't been released yet...but we'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for updates! For more information please visit the Ice Castles' website here.

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