Until now, there has only ever been one type of walrus known to mankind...but all of that has changed as three new types of (extremely dead) walruses were just discovered by paleontologists in California.

Orange County, where the fossils were uncovered, is a huge location for finding walruses, despite them famously living in more arctic regions in modern times.

Two of the extinct walruses do not have tusks, and one of them has "semi-tusks," which are not actually tusks but...longer teeth.

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new species of walrus

It's just got...really long teeth. Not tusks! "Longer teeth."

One might be like, "Well, that's not a walrus, then β€” walruses have TUSKS," and well? You're wrong β€” because, actually, many ancient ones did not and tusks evolved over time. (Also, hey, man, some modern-day walruses don't have tusks β€” because circumstance!)

It's time to get out of that old world way of thinking that tusks "are the most important teeth" of walruses, according to scientists.

Happy holidays β€” here's three new walruses for you.

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