Usually bank robbers disguise themselves with ski masks, but a Charlotte thief is taking bank heists to a whole new level. The Bad Wig Bandit has robbed three Charlotte-area banks sporting a different bad wig each time. As hilarious as this sounds, the FBI is desperately searching for the culprit and they need your help.

This Charlotte bank robber seriously is the poster child for zero cares given. You'd think that wearing a wig wouldn't be a clever disguise, but we guess he is good at hiding because he's nowhere to be found.

The FBI is asking Charlotte dwellers to keep an eye out for bad wigs because this guy is believed to have stolen cash from three banks in Belmont, Gastonia and Huntersville all within the last three weeks.

He's described as a Black male with a medium physical build in his 20s or 30s. If they don't catch this toupee-wearing felon soon, there's no telling what banks he might stop at next or what awful wig he will be wearing in the act.

FBI Charlotte posted a tweet yesterday (January 9), urging anyone in the Charlotte area to keep an eye out for the thief and help track him down. They included photos that appear to be taken from security cameras of the banks.

The FBI Charlotte accounted tweeted this morning, "Help us identify the "Bad Wig Bandit." The thief is believed to have robbed three banks in the past three weeks. "The #FBI is assisting the @HPDNC @GPDNC and #BelmontPolice," reads the tweet.

The guy is literally robbing banks as fast as he can change his wig. He robbed a BBT last month, then on January 8 he robbed two more banks just within a few hours of each other.

Lots of news sources are helping spread the word.

"The FBI says the poorly accessorized suspect, believed to be a male in his 20s or 30s, is responsible for three bank robberies in and around Charlotte, N. Carolina," says a post by Morning Express with Robin Meade.

But people are adding comedy to the situation because with these wigs, it's sort of hard not to.

"Hey Bebbe, #BadWigBandit Can I git yer digits??," jokes this user.

This wig-snatching robber went from a blonde bob to some long red locks, to jet black curls. If anything, it makes him stand out more than blend in.


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