If you thought the whole fried chicken sandwich craze was over, you thought wrong. It's still going and perhaps this is the best highlight of it all because you can get free Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes AND Zaxby's in Charlotte right now. You read that right, all three chicken empires are giving away free food for all.

The chicken competition has reached its peak because now three fried chicken kings are no longer fighting about who is the best, they are competing to see who can give away the most free food (for a limited time).

This is a competition we are here for all day, everyday. We can thank Chick-Fil-A for starting this new freebie craze because the chicken sandwich leader announced in a press release that it will be giving away free nuggets. 

All you have to do is login to the Chick-Fil-A One app and the giveaway will be waiting for you. Don't worry if you don't have an account because you can create one and still receive the reward. This awesome deal lasts all the way until Jan. 31!

"Dip-dip-hooray: Free 8-count Chick-fil-A Nuggets starting today," says Chick-Fil-A's tweet.

You'd be crazy to think Chick-Fil-A's competitors aren't keeping a close watch on their behavior. They are only practicing optimal marketing technique by hopping on the giveaway train.

Popeyes swooped in with an even bigger deal: a free chicken sandwich meal (with fries and a drink) on Door Dash.

"The best awards are the ones you can eat," states Popeyes in a retweet of the Door Dash deal.

Just use promo code: CHICKENWINNER for a free combo and free delivery on orders $20 and up. This one lasts until Jan. 19, so hop on it.

Zaxby's has now decided to join in on the fiery competition by offering a free meal when you download their new app. Coincidence? We think not. 

In response to a skeptical user stating that Zaxby's wouldn't offer freebies like Chick-Fil-A does, Zaxby's posts a photo with caption, "Download the Zaxby's app and get a free meal y'all."

That's free three meals this month. It may be worth holding off on the healthy eating resolution for this one.


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