In recent weeks, the former Affiliated Computer Services building, lovingly dubbed the Leaning Tower of Dallas, has gained a lot of attention, but its fame was short-lived. The tilted tower finally tumbled yesterday, and responses from local Dallasites were quite varied. There was even a very special obituary from the Hughes Family Tribute Center, a local funeral home, dedicated in memory of the structure. 

During the several-week-and-multiple-failed-attempts endeavor to take down the old 11-story office building, it made headlines across the nation and became a local sensationalized icon.

Currently, there are over 3,000 photos tagged with the hashtag #leaningtowerofdallas on Instagram, with many users posing with it like the Leaning Tower of Piza.

Monday, March 2 was the official Dooms Day for the structure located on North Haskell Avenue. Finally, it all came tumbling down: the fatal blow happened via wrecking ball at 3:18 p.m. 

For many local Dallasites, this building was a symbol of staying strong in the face of adversity; standing tall when others try to knock you down; and when all goes awry, make yourself an internet sensation. 

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook users all took to the social media platforms to share their condolences. 

As the building was officially put to rest, the local Dallas community mourned in their own way. Hughes Family Tribute Center wrote an official obituary for the fallen "tower" on their Facebook page, but it appears the post has since been taken down. 

As quoted by a WFAA article, the "obituary" read:

“Like the spark that ignited its fame, the flaming passion and unwavering heart of the Leaning Tower of Dallas came to a smoldering ember...It's [sic] 15 days of existence inspired many to stay strong when others try to knock you down. May its legacy never be forgotten."

Who's cutting onions in here?

Jerrell Sustaita, a local Dallas artist, paid his own tributes by painting several cityscapes of the tower from each phase of the demolition.

“It’s like the little train that could, but it’s the little elevator shaft that wouldn’t,” Sustaita said to Dallas Morning News.  

An Instagram page dedicated to this beloved structure @remember_the_tower was even set up and sells commemorative t-shirts because this event has "changed our lives forever." 

We can all rest easy knowing that this was a safe demolition and will pave way for a brand-new sub-section of Dallas called The Central, a $2.5B mixed-use development including residential and commercial space as well as new park grounds.

If nothing else, The Leaning Tower got its 15 minutes of internet fame and brought the community a chuckle or two.  And to that, I say, farewell old(ish) friend. We will always remember this fleeting, yet symbolic structure. 

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