The Dallas Maverick's Luka Dončić has made a big name for himself on the basketball court, but he's also making a name for himself in a more virtual world.

The NBA star's girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes, posted a video of him playing the popular battle royal game "Fortnite" on her Instagram story, for all 126-thousand followers to see.

Goltes, 22, amassed her large Insta following with her super-model fitness photos and a variety of different sponsorships.

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Like, if you’re trying hard not to slap your loved ones in quarantine

Anamaria Goltes

The primary focus of the story was the couple's two perfect-looking dogs messing around, but fans were quick to spot Luka in the background grinding out Fortnite. 

The two seemed to have been spending a lot of time lounging around with their dogs in quarantine before and after the NBA bubble.

But just like every other couple during these difficult times, they seem to have gotten just a tad sick of each other's constant company.

The two have been dating for quite a long time now, even before Luka was even drafted into the NBA, as they began their relationship in 2016, and it's safe to say they're very happy.


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