For the past week, Dallasites were blessed with the greatest new addition to the already great city, an 11-story building that failed to go down in its first demolition attempt. Nicknamed the "Leaning Tower of Dallas", the hilariously leaning building was a hotspot for photos that resemble the ones tourists love to take in Pisa, Italy. Today, the iconic tower will be taken down once and for all and you can watch it happen live.

Starting at 9 a.m. this morning, Monday, February 24, a demolition crew that will finally destroy the Uptown tower set out to level the stubborn building.

Local news television station WFAA is live streaming the entire process and they welcome everyone to join in and watch the destructive fun.

Whether you loved the Leaning Tower of Pisa "replica" or not, you are welcomed to watch the demolition team take down the local building.

Dallasites were very vocal in their love for the slanted, half-destroyed tower, with fans even creating and signing a petition that tried to keep the tower alive as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Clearly, the petition didn't work, and now thousands of those who had signed it must watch the demise of the beloved "Leaning Tower."

One man is even out on the scene right now, painting portraits of the viral tower to preserve its beauty forever.

It seems the tower might stay standing for quite a long time today, with how slow and careful the team is being with finally taking it down.

If you want to be a part of this monumental time in Dallas history, you probably still have time to head over and see it yourself in person.

If not, you can easily watch the live stream of the destruction on the WFAA website here.

Grab your tissues and a bowl of ice cream and prepare yourself for the incredible leaning tower to finally meet its end.

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