The 2020 NBA Draft wrapped up Wednesday night and many young basketball stars saw their dreams come true, including that of Josh Green.

Green was selected in the first round by the Dallas Mavericks, but another athlete by the same name ended up taking in all the glory.

Josh Green, a professional rugby player from Tasmania, woke up to see his name spread all over Twitter, and he definitely took advantage of it.

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Thanks Guys - so happy the @dallasmavs took me in the draft #lol #icantjump

Josh Green on Twitter 

This all seemed to have happened due to the fact that their Twitter handles are almost identical, with the NBA player's being @josh_green6, and the rugby player's being joshgreen_6.

Mavericks fans were thrilled by the thought of having a rugby player join the squad, the only problem is that didn't actually happen.

Even NBA enthusiasts seem to fall for it, as congratulation started pouring in for the un-drafted rugby player.

While some caught on but continued to have fun with the gag.

But even though Green didn't actually get drafted, he still promised to a valuable team player off the field.

In more literal news, the actually drafted Josh Green is thrilled to join the Mavericks for the upcoming NBA season.

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