An impressive collection is coming to the Henry Ford Museum on March 28. There will be over 300 Marvel artifacts on display, including some that are larger than life. If you feel like spending an afternoon stepping out of the real world and into the pages of comic books then you should check it out.

This is meant to be an immersive experience. A composer wrote a score specifically for the exhibit.

As you walk around, you'll be surrounded by sounds, lights, and photos that will take you out of Detroit and onto a movie set. 

One of the immersive scenes that has been recreated for the exhibit is Tony Stark's lab, where he first created the iconic Iron Man suit

The choice of Detroit for this exhibit might not have been a total coincidence. There were several influential illustrators from the early days of Marvel that hailed from the mitten state, including one that actually invented Thanos

This exhibit might have been set up with photos in mind because there are a ton of spots to show off how much you love Marvel. 

Whether you want to recreate the iconic upside-down kiss from Spiderman or pretend that the Hulk is crushing your skull with his bare hand, you really can't miss out on those selfie opportunities. 

The real props are behind the glass and they have the costumes from all of your favorite movies. 

Detroit is known for its vibrant art and rich history. You can see demonstrations of those things all around the city

You'll also be able to see rare first drafts of your favorite characters and see how they transformed into the ones you've come to love. 

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes @ The Henry Ford Museum 

Price: If you are a member, you can enter for $10. Regular general admission tickets are $35. 

When: March 28 - September 7, 2020

Address: 20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, M

Why You Need To Go: If the Marvel movies have ever excited you or made you laugh, imagine how cool it will be to stand next to the Hulk himself. 

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