Every city needs its landmarks that others think about when they come into town. Sure, government buildings and historic sites are cool, but what about memorializing our cultural icons? Out of all of the movies that take place in the great city of Detroit, RoboCop is definitely one of the most recognizable. Starting this spring, visiting a statue of this icon will be just one of many things to do in Detroit

Luckily, the dismal future of Detroit that the movie imagined in the '80s didn't turn out to be totally true, but it still remains a movie that people here claim as their own. 

About a decade ago, one Detroiter on Twitter decided that this movie was so iconic that we needed a statue to commemorate it. 

Philly has Rocky and so Detroit needs RoboCop. 

He asked the mayor if that was a possibility, got totally rejected, and then some people banded together to try to raise some money for the project. 

People from all over the world came together to fund this project, including some from Finland and Brazil. 

They had the money within a couple of weeks and the statue is finally close to being finished. 

It will be on display somewhere on the grounds of the Michigan Science Center starting spring 2020. 

The statue will be 11 feet tall once the head is attached to the body and it will be painted a dark gray to match the character in the movie.

Part of the reason that it took so long to complete the project is that Imagination Station Detroit wanted to use Detroit artists to construct the whole thing. 

The same metalworkers that created the Joe Louis fist and the Spirit of Detroit statue worked on this piece. 

This was made in Detroit by regular Detroiters that wanted to bring some fun and excitement into the city. 

Other things to do in Detroit include visiting this bar that has axe throwing stalls and going to see the Belle Isle ice tree

Statue of RoboCop

Price: Free to visit on the grounds of the Michigan Science Center

When: Will be on display starting in March

Address: 5020 John R St., Detroit, MI

Why You Need To Go: You can check out something that the people of Detroit came together to create because they loved their city so much. 

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