The slow-moving storm that has been traveling across the state these past 2 days has brought plenty of damage already. There have been reports of giant hail in Northern cities, 70 mph winds across Dallas, and tornado warnings across the state. Austin and other central cities are now in a flash flood warning and are being warned to stay safe throughout the storm.

After a nonstop thunderstorm last night, the lower level at the Dallas Love Field parking garage was almost completely filled with rainwater, leaving cars submerged under the stormwater with only the peaks of their roofs sticking out. Many other cars across the city were being affected by the heavy flooding in the area and many roads have been closed to keep certain flooded areas off limits.

Austin is currently under a flash flood warning all of Wednesday since it is predicted that the storm will hit its hardest in the late afternoon and evening. There are also more tornado threats on Wednesday than there were the days beforehand, especially in the area from Houston to Austin and San Antonio.

Keep a careful lookout to the skies and be sure to check your local weather channel for updates on flood warnings and tornado threats.

Anyone who is driving during this intense state-wide storm, please use caution and put your safety first. If you see deep water on the road, turn around and don't drown. For more information on how to prepare yourself and your home for any storm damage, you can visit the Texas Department of Public Safety's storm preparedness website here

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