It’s no secret that stereotypes can be quite dangerous. In the same breath, they can also be disarmingly true, and downright hilarious, especially when it’s related to you and you possess the ability to laugh at yourself. If you are wondering about Florida stereotypes, well, here's what one study came up with. 

Our friends over at AreaVibes recently conducted a fascinating study about the most common assumptions people have about the food, people, and culture of places they may know nothing about.

"AreaVibes specializes in finding the best places to live in America by assessing different zip codes by their livability score. Aside from livability scores, AreaVibes wanted to see the top words and stereotypes associated with each state," according to Nicole Franco, a team member of AreaVibes.

"The purpose overall was to analyze how far off over 1,000 Americans were with their word choices. We found some perceptions are in fact true, while others completely missed the mark." 

Some of the results seemed spot on, while others seemed to completely miss the mark. But what do you think? Do you think these stereotypes about Florida are warranted, or should people visit Florida first before making such assumptions? Are they hilarious regardless of whether they’re true or not?

Most stereotypes of other states tend to be based on food and weather. Fair enough. For Florida, however, it was a different story. Forget our scrumptious seafood or beautiful beaches, the most common overall thing Florida was known for was old people.

That’s right. Grandma is out here representing the whole of Florida.

When it comes to food, though, we felt people were a little more gracious this time around. Oranges, fittingly enough, were the food most commonly associated with the Sunshine State.

Completely unsurprisingly, the most common characteristic associated with Florida was, of course, Disney World...closely followed by crazy people and alligators.

And if we’re being honest with ourselves, we really can’t deny those. The numerous Florida Man headlines are proof enough.

To wrap it all up, regionally speaking, Florida was stereotyped by three main ingredients: sunshine, beaches, and old people.

Honestly, if you’re only visiting during the winter, that may make sense. Most of the snowbirds are here, the beaches are still nice, and the sun is constant.

During the summertime that changes a big, with torrential rains, all kinds of tourists, and…well, never mind, our beaches are still awesome.

Check out the complete study here to see how they conducted their findings and if what you thought about other states made the cut!

Other Florida stereotypes that turn out to be hilarious true are the ridiculous Florida Man Challenge, and the fact that Florida is home to some of the happiest cities.

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