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Not only has the weather been uncooperative but we can now add jellyfish to the list of reasons to skip the beach vaca for a little while. According to MOTE, if you plan on visiting Henderson Beach State Park you should proceed with caution.

MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium's beach alert state that a yellow flag is raised at this state park as there is an influx of jellyfish in the water and debris on the beach. 

You can see the official report from July 7 below:

While jellyfish live in our ocean waters year round, they generally become a nuisance after heavy winds have blown them closer to shore, according to this source

Our most dangerous jellyfish is the Man-O-War like the one pictured above found at Henderson Beach State Park a few months ago, which isn't actually a true jellyfish. National Geographic states, "for humans, a man-of-war sting is excruciatingly painful but rarely deadly."

It is not clear at this time what type of jellyfish are currently at Henderson Beach State Park. There are no more jellyfish reports for any of the other monitored beaches around Florida. 

More information about water quality for most Florida beaches can be found on MOTE's official site here

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