This city has almost as many murals as it does people that want to find them. We can only admire the paint wall and pose in front of the "Houston Is Inspired" art piece for so long. Every once and a while, a new colorful addition brightens up this town a little bit more. And this time, we get to head over to Green Street to see the brand new Houston mural, FolkHeArt.

Three weeks ago, FolkHeArt debuted on Green Street and commissioned House of Blues Houston, and now, more artists and muralists are hinted to join the already-popular spot. 

The masterpiece behind Houston's newest addition is Heather L Johnson. She describes what the idea behind the heart was for the mural in an Instagram post.

"It represents the hearts and souls of those fellow freaks in the world," she wrote. "Those of us with so much to say that we can hardly contain ourselves. It’s all the pain and love in the world intertwined, busting out of its own seams."

The cityscape that lines the bottom was inspired by Reginald Mitchell, an artist whose work resides on the walls of House of Blues.

You can find this poppin' wall next to Forever21 on Green Street at 1201 Main St Space #101 & 201. And keep on the look out for new additions coming soon by watching Green Street.

It's a perfect way to support local art while using that red heart to get those red hearts on IG.

You can swing by and snap a photo at the new mural, but why not make a whole day out of it? Hop around the city to these different spots and impress the heck out of your followers. 

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