In what seems like the start of an perfect paradigm, Krispy Kreme is giving away a free filled donut to each customer on June 22nd, to celebrate reaching a very risky goal earlier this month.

For National Donut day this year, Krispy Kreme set a goal to give away one million donuts. And through the help of some hungry and totally charitable Americans, the goal was reached (shocker).

The donut giveaway was worth about $1,090,000, assuming no one got a speciality donut (side eyes). And whether it was the rush of success or the sugar high, the company decided it wasn't quite enough to satisfy them.

This Saturday, each customer will get one more free donut—but this time, it has to be the one of Krispy Kreme's choice, the Original Filled. This new donut is the faved original glazed that is filled with a sugary custard. And I have to say, it fills us with joy. You can, however, choose if you want the "Classic Kreme" or the "Chocolate Kreme" filling.

And just like donuts, we just can't seem to celebrate the moon landing anniversary enough!

The Original Filled donut launched two days ago, and it aims to honor the Apollo 11 mission. The special donut comes just days before the official anniversary of the moon landing, July 20th.

"One small bite for man," Krispy Kreme wrote in their social media post. "One giant leap for doughnut-kind." Yeah, they spell donut like that. But we'll let anything slide for a free doughnut.

This fantastic video by Krispy Kreme says it all. 

You can check out the list of participating Krispy Kremes here. The offer only goes on while supplies last. So, like the great race to space, you have to take this seriously and get there first. Or you know, photoshop the donut into a photo of yourself first—if that's the kind of moon landing you're celebrating.

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