If you needed more proof that the daily commute faced by most Houstonians sucks, look no further. Houston and Dallas now have the second most expensive commutes in the country. If you look at the cost of commuting over the course of a lifetime, getting to work in Houston is going to cost you about $175,000 once you take into account all of the expenses associated with driving to work every day. And, on top of that, people who drive into Houston to work now spend almost 250 hours per year in their car just getting to work. That's a lot of podcasts.

Although people often think of terrible commutes in terms of how much time you spend in your car, and for good reason, let's not forget how much money leaves your pockets every year. It turns out, if you work in Houston or Dallas, it's a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

It turns out over the course of the average career, it will cost a Houston resident about $174,314 to commute to work. And, if you happen to drive an SUV, that cost goes up to a whopping $212,189! Ouch. Maybe it's time to start working from home.

According to EducatedDriver.org, not only are Houstonians stuck in their car a lot, but we also have one of the highest costs of commuting. Using data from the US Census Bureau as well as AAA, the site calculated the average cost a commuter pays over the course of their lifetime. This includes not only the cost of gas but also car insurance as well as regular maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle.

Their calculation is based on assuming the average person works full-time for 45 years with 2 weeks vacation and time off.

Houston and Dallas fall just short of the most expensive city in the country, Atlanta, whose residents will pay just over $180,000 over the course of their careers.

Here are the top five cities with the most expensive commutes:

1. Atlanta - $182, 886 with an average daily round-trip commute of 26 miles.
2. Dallas and Houston - $174, 314 with an average daily round-trip commute of 24 miles.
3. Phoenix - $162, 883 with an average daily round-trip commute of 23 miles.
4. Nashville - $157, 168 with an average daily round-trip commute of 22 miles.
5. Detroit - $148, 595 with an average daily round-trip commute of 21 miles.

Via EducatedDriver.org

How does all this commuting add up over a career? To put this into perspective, the average American will spend about 408 days of their life commuting.

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