For several days now, protesters have taken to the Texas streets to protest police brutality as well as racial injustice following George Floyd's death. Proving yet again that everything is bigger in Texas, a group of protesters decided to double the size of their own group and bring along horses to the Houston protests yesterday. Even Lil Nas X, the king of riding horses, was impressed.

The group that brought horses with them to the Houston protests yesterday were from The Turkey Leg Hut & Company, a famous restaurant in H-Town.

The restaurant's Instagram shared many photos and videos of their experience protesting yesterday, showing that they managed to get the attention of police officers, news networks, and even celebrities.

Not only did Lil Nas X retweet a video of the Houston horse riders on Twitter, but artist Slim Thug snapped a photo with the Turkey Leg Hut crew as well.

According to one of the group's posts on Instagram, not everyone was a fan of the addition of these animals.

Now Americans have seen the impact that bringing horses to protests can have.

Above is a photo of one individual from The Turkey Leg Hut & Company on a horse, with the caption explaining that they were riding for Floyd.

It's unclear whether they'll attend another protest with the same cowboy-esque crowd again soon.

Elizabeth Findell tweeted a photo of the horses in Houston captioning her tweet with "Protest Texas-style."

Twitter user taylorcrumpton quoted it and said, "here’s one thing about Black Texans. we’re gonna bring our horses."

While Floyd's death occurred in Minneapolis, he grew up in Houston.

Protestors continue to march in honor of Floyd while they bring out these new and unique tactics to make their voices heard.

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