Florida sees snowbirds of all kinds when the cold sets in, from people to migratory birds and even sharks. Especially great whites. Currently, there are six tagged great white sharks swimming around Florida, and more seem to be heading south.

According to Ocearch, this group of six, named Nova, Ironbound, Hudson, Sydney, Cabot, and Unama'ki, have been hanging around in the waters of the Sunshine State since about a week ago, when they were first spotted off the coast of Jacksonville.

Sydney, a 12-foot, 1,100-pound male, and Cabot, a 9-foot, 500-pound male are still floating around Jacksonville, while Ironbound, weighing in at 12 feet and nearly 1,000 pounds, is hanging out in Cocoa Beach.

Nova, at 11 feet and 1,200 pounds has moved to the warm waters of Key West while Hudson and the only female of the group, Unama’ki, have moved into the Gulf waters.

Each of them was first tagged in Novia Scotia, but changes in water temperature affect the movements of fish and other food sources, so as the northern waters become too cold for the great whites’ favorite snacks, they follow their prey south to warmer climes.

We daresay, as Floridians, it’s much too chilly to be swimming right now anyway, but as the sharks continue to make their migration around Florida’s peninsula, it wouldn’t hurt to check on Ocearch’s website and see where these six have last pinged.

Reaching lengths of 20-feet and weights of several tons, it’s enough to hear about just one of these hunters stalking the waters of your favorite beach. But six? We know it’s Florida, but it's easy to forget we share the waters with some ferocious giants.

Not to mention, these are only the ones we know of. 

Researchers are hopeful that Unama’ki, the only mature female in the group, will lead them to where she will give birth and reveal the location of a new white shark nursery.

And there’s more where that came from, with other great whites hanging out in the Carolinas and Georgia. It might just be a matter of time before they start heading into Sunshine waters, too.

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