A Wendy's in Los Angeles turned its drive-thru into an actual haunted house this weekend showing us that in 2020, even the fast-food restaurants swooped in to save Halloween.

The "Scare-Thru" was at a Wendy's in South Gate — you entered through a cauldron, and into a bunch of haunted house scenes, after placing your order.

The event was free and you didn't even need to order food while visiting the haunted drive-thru.

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A bunch of people took to Instagram to post their photos and videos of the experience. 

According to some visitors, the South Gate Wendy's was NOT prepared for how many people actually came through (it was popular!).

One of the haunted scenes included a creepy clown dressed in Wendy's stripes waving and doing some experiments behind a desk.

Another scene showed some skeletons sitting around a table.

The event's giant glowing jack-o-lantern sported the signature Wendy's pigtails. 

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