A man in California made a full replica of the Disneyland ride “The Matterhorn” in his backyard — just a LITTLE bit smaller.

Sean LaRochelle of Napa started building the coaster in March, finished it in July, and just recently released its existence into the world.

He really got every little detail of the ride, too — a yeti that looks remarkably like the one in the actual ride even makes an appearance.

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months to build this rollercoaster

The bobsled fits one person and travels around the mountain on a track very similar looking, just smaller, to the actual ride.

He even has little flags decorated all around the mountain as well as some water pools and spouts, just like the ride.

"We couldn’t make it to Disneyland during Covid, so we brought Disney to us!!" he writes on his Instagram account, Magictecture.

He named the smaller, yet still pretty large, Matterhorn the "Matterhorn Alpine Escape."

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