Downtown Los Angeles looks very different today.

Businesses have been boarded up across the downtown area as the city prepares for a possibly tumultuous night of election unrest. 

Plywood has been added to many of the businesses and some residential complexes because apparently, no one is taking any chances, and, overall, Downtown looks wildly different than it does on a regular day.

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 It's definitely not business as usual over here.

Usually, the Federal Building looks like this.

Today, however, it looks like this — completely boarded up and fenced off. 

This is what the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo usually looks like.

...And here it is today as seen in the fourth photo (as well as some other areas of downtown).

On a regular day, Downtown typically looks something like this.

Usually, it's one of the most bustling places in all of Los Angeles.

But today, it's hard to find anything but plywood walls.

The general vibe this morning in DTLA is, essentially, "ghost."

The quiet of the area adds to the overall eerieness of the day.

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