Katy Perry rocked the vote in Los Angeles — literally — and looked like a gigantic 'I Voted' sticker doing it.

The singer posted a video to her Instagram yesterday showing her jumping up and down and cheering at passing cars on a busy Los Angeles street, and her whole head was an "I Voted" sticker, with a little slot for her (masked) face to be seen from.

She clapped and gestured for people to honk while jovially jumping up and down.

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Honk, honk.

Katy Perry

The problem with turning your whole head into a gigantic sticker, however, is that it makes it harder for you to do things like enter buildings. 

Katy found this out the hard way, when she walked across the street and tried to enter a liquor store, her big voting head getting in the way and stopping her from doing so.

It is unknown if she tried to enter any other buildings after this, or if she learned her lesson from this first occurrence.

Katy's big voting dance happened at the Moorpark and Whitsett intersection in Studio City, as depicted from the video. 

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