"Permanently" just doesn't mean what it used to anymore, and for one beloved Los Angeles restaurant, that's a very good thing. 

After "permanently" shutting its doors back in April due to COVID-19, Beverly Boulevard's iconic diner, Swingers, is coming back from the dead.

A new owner, Stephanie Wilson, has swooped in as the restaurant's hero — she's not new to the place either, as she's served as its general manager for years.

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months have gone by since Swingers shut down due to the coronavirus

Wilson has headed up many of the efforts to save the restaurant when it was initially closed back in April, starting up a GoFundMe to raise money from the community for its employees, who had lost their jobs.

The community rallied around them, making donations and supporting the now out of work Swingers crew, who posted the kind gestures to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The diner first opened in 1993, and was, generally, a '90s Los Angeles staple for late-night hangouts — and Angelinos were really upset about its closing.

The diner posted its first photo in a while on Instagram simply one day ago, appearing to allude to its return.

It's not known at this time what the reopening will look like as COVID continues to change how restaurants operate all the time, just, you know...generally.

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