This Monday, the Louisiana governor announced the stay-at-home order will be extended until May 15 due to the state not "meeting the criteria" to reopen on Friday, May 1. The state will not start Phase 1 of their reopening plan this week as John Bel Edwards had hoped.

Edwards stated throughout his press conference his concern and sadness towards the high count of deaths from COVID-19. "I think we have to be smart in reopening our economy" he stated.

He continued on to say that the numbers of those affected by COVID-19 per day "have increased by five times" since March 29.

He reminded his listeners that Louisiana has the "second most cases per capita in the entire country" so they will need more time before tackling the reopening plan.

Phase 1 of the reopening plan will replace the stay-at-home order and start opening non-essential businesses with 25% occupancy restrictions and safe social distancing practices.

Though the order has been extended, on Friday, May 1, stores may be open for curbside delivery. Restaurants will be allowed to open their patio seating areas with social distancing rules still applied.

Places of worship will remain open with a 10 person limit.

Employees of businesses that interact with others must wear masks at all times.

In his announcement, he described some of the numbers of cases that Louisiana has been seeing, with "more than 27,000 COVID-19 cases" in the state.

Phase 1 is now planned to begin on May 15, unless advised otherwise as the date approaches.

He urged his citizens to continue wearing masks when going out in public and encouraged businesses to require customers to wear masks when shopping.

He finished off his speech with an encouraging note for locals to get outdoors and to enjoy the weather.

This announcement comes right after Texas mayor Greg Abbott announced his plan to reopen Texas, with restaurants, movie theaters, stores, and malls opening this week.

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