With Florida being surrounded by shimmering oceanfront along our sandy beaches, you're bound to see some marine life. If you're in South Florida, you may start hearing the Jaws theme while you're swimming in the sea - these two massive great white sharks are swimming around near south Florida right now according to Ocearch. 

Miss Costa

Miss Costa is a HUGE sub-adult female; Coming in at 1,668 lbs and stretching 12feet and 5 inches long, this big girl has been swimming in our coastal waters a lot lately. She was last pinged on May 24th at 8:07 am a bit further out in the salty depth southwest of Key West. 

Ocearch was able to capture video footage of Miss Costa swimming from the gulf down to The Keys, turning it into a gif they shared on Miss Costa's Twitter page. Check out that gif below.


Our sweet Caroline (bah bah bah), also a sub-adult great white, has stuck close to Florida throughout the past few months - but it looks like she's swimming a bit further out into the ocean south of the Florida Keys lately. Caroline is a bit longer than Miss Costa at 12ft 9 inches but weighs a little less at only 1348.1 lbs. She was last pinged on May 30th at 10:02 am and seems to be sticking around.

Sweet Caroline also has herself a Twitter page, which you can follow here.

Thankfully these girls are swimming a bit further out than normal, but we still like to keep an eye out on what they're doing. If you'd like to keep an eye on where sharks and other marine life are near Florida, check out Ocearch's website here.

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