A massive great white shark named Miss May has been spotted on the Florida coastline, near Port St. Lucie. Miss May is a 10-foot great white shark tagged during OCEARCH's Expedition NASFA. The 800-pound shark has been swimming south since she was tagged, pinging offshore of Port St. Lucie this morning around 9am

OCEARCH is an organization studying marine organisms. Miss May was tagged by OCEARCH Friday, February 15th early in the NASFA (Northwest Atlantic Share Foraging Area) expedition. This is OCEARCH's 34th shark tagging expedition. 

The great white shark is named after Mayport, Florida; she was tagged about 40 miles offshore of Mayport, which is a fishing village on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville.

City officials of Mayport are now working with the University of Jacksonville to create a facility for OCEARCH. The new OCEARCH facility will include offices and a shark research center open to the masses.

OCEARCH tracks over 300 animals, including seals, whales, turtles, alligators, dolphins, and sharks. Another of OCEARCH's tagged sharks, Katharine, a 14-foot great white shark, was spotted off the Cape Canaveral back in January.

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Before Miss May surfaced in Port St. Lucie, she surfaced offshore Vero Beach and another time, closer to Fort Pierce.

OCEARCH keeps her "ping" history on their website, www.ocearch.org, showcasing that the shark is steadily moving south in her journey.

OCEARCH created a twitter for Miss May, so people can keep up with Miss May and so far, the great white shark has 995 followers.

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Along with Miss May, they tagged Lando, a 10-foot, 464-pound male tiger shark. OCEARCH is still on Expedition NASFA, continuing to tag different marine animals. 

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