They say big parties are more intimate. Well, this is your chance to party like it's 1925 and wear your fanciest dress. Vizcaya Museum is hosting its thirds annual Seersucker Social in the gardens. 

Charleston your way through the party and show your best moves to your old sport. This Gatsby-themed party will feature a game night in the gardens complete with lawn bowling, yard dice, croquet and more. Of course, you need to wear your best 1920s inspired outfit, flapper dresses, and seersucker jackets. Don't forget to add a cloche, fedora, bowler or boater hat.

The Seersucker Social is a1920s inspired event that brings back the old memories of when Vizcaya was James Deering’s private home. The event will have jazz music and swing dancers guiding you through the steps of popular dances of the era. 

The tickets for the event cost $20 and you can purchase it here. The event will be held on March 27th from 6 pm to 10 pm. And, don't forget to take a picture by the dock with the sunset. 

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The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is enormous and you'll have the opportunity to discover the different sculptures and gardens during the event. 

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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is located at 3251 S Miami Ave.

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