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You never know what to expect in Miami. Yesterday, a wild pig was spotted roaming around the streets of Midtown. Reddit user illincorporatedIL posted the photo of the pig to the subreddit r/Miami last night, and the post has gained a lot of attention since. 

The original poster (OP) captioned the post "Typical Miami," most likely commenting on how this kind of strange sighting is the norm in this city. The post has 227 upvotes and 34 comments so far. Most commenters were not shocked.

OP initially uploaded the picture to the subreddit r/aww with the caption, "Walking around Midtown Miami." We reached out to OP for a comment on where exactly the pig was spotted and will provide an update should more information become available.

One commenter, Reddit user oldyellowtruck, actually identified the kind of pig based on the photo. The user wrote, "Lol, kune kune x American guinea hog. Knowing this is how I know my life has gone terribly wrong😂".

While it's difficult to know for sure, the KuneKune Pig and American Guinea Hog crossbreed does closely resemble the pig in the photo. 

You can view the Reddit post below:

Reddit user GlennMagusHarvey also commented, agreeing with OP that the pig sighting was typical since you never know what to expect in Miami.

Other commenters were just excited about how delicious the pig looked. One wrote, "Adorable AND Delicious!" Another simply wrote, "Bacon."

One user, Acere_Rodriguez, felt that a rooster would complete the randomness of this Miami photo. They wrote, "A rooster hanging out in the background would make this picture iconic."

It is unclear if the pig was someone's loose pet or actually in fact, a wild piggie; perhaps wee-weeing all the way home. For more information on wild pigs in Florida, go here.

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