Everyone expects to see alligators catching some sun or surfing in any Floridian waterway. We never quite expect to see a python; however, Biologists at Biscayne National Park removed a huge python from their coastal waters yesterday. 

In a video posted to @Biscaynenps Instagram page, Biologists can be seen netting a huge python that was taking a dip in the bay a little over a mile out from the mainland. At least it wasn't too close to shore, we'd be swearing off beaches forever!

The python was confirmed to be a Burmese, native to the jungles of southeast Asia, which doesn't surprise us that it would thrive in our tropical Florida climate. The Burmese is not common at the park known for its fishing, snorkeling, and paddling adventures; occasionally though, one will sneak in both on park grounds and swimming in the salty depths.

The caption reads, "Pythons occasionally show up in #biscayne. You can help #KeepBiscayneBeautiful by reporting your sightings of this #invasivespecies.

You can see the full video of the capture below.

Thankfully we have awesome reps like the Biologists at Biscayne National Park who safely remove these snakes when spotted to #KeepBiscayneBeautiful.

According to a comment on the post by Biscaynenps, the snake and other invasive species spotted at the park are collected so they can further study the species and better understand how to respond to an invasion such as this.

One commenter even said knowing that they can swim is just a BIG NOPE. We think we might agree and be staying out of the water for a little while.

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