Today we bring you news about the cutest WTF thing happening in Florida - goat yoga. Whether you are a long time practicing Yogi or a newbie looking to give it a try, there is a place in Orlando offering yoga classes with goats and you absolutely need to give it a go. 

If you couldn't guess from the name, Original Goat Yoga Orlando offers a yoga experience unlike any other - a yoga session with goats that are here to help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

You may be wondering how exactly a goat could help your yoga session... Well, the Original Goat Yoga Orlando's website states, "they provide happiness with their cuteness, tenderness and loving energy." And admittedly, that sounds like the perfect chill time concoction.

The business combines the relaxation techniques of yoga with the benefits of animal therapy, and it seems to work very well. Clients of yoga program often have great things to say.

One client's testimonial reads: "I surprised my wife with a goat yoga session for her birthday, and the smile on her face when we drove up was priceless! This was such a fun experience. Everyone was smiling and laughing, and even trying to do the yoga while the goats were wandering around looking for snacks and rubs. It is impossible to have a bad time at goat yoga."

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Yoga is a proven method to help reduce stress and tension in your body while keeping you fit and active; meanwhile, animal therapy is also a proven method to reduce stress, anxiety, and is a great way to create a bond between humans and animals. 

The website states the farm has everything necessary to ensure an enjoyable time and quality experience. You will be provided with complimentary water and if you prefer to rent a yoga mat as opposed to bringing your own you can do so for only $5. Bringing a camera is completely encouraged and we can see why:

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To learn more or to book your much-needed chill sesh click here

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