Most Floridians have had enough of the cold weather after temperatures dropped to just above freezing last week. Unfortunately, another cold front is going to bring a drop in temperature with it and parts of Northern Florida will reach below freezing next week

According to Redzone Weather, there is no snow in the forecast, only a hard freeze that will be affecting Northern Florida down to the Orlando area. Temps are expected to be in the high 20's to lower 30's in the upper to mid-Florida areas on Monday, January 21st. This is also the same day that the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon will be visible

This is the coldest forecast of the year but the cold front is not expected to affect the area for very long. Nonetheless, it is important to prepare for freezing conditions including covering your outside plants, keeping enough gas in your tank so it doesn't freeze, turning off and draining any outside hoses and pipes, and watching out for black ice on the roadways - to name a few precautions. 

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Floridian's already reacted badly to the cold weather last week as social media feeds were flooded with complaints, and we can expect the same to happen with this next chilly cold front. 

One Twitter user joked, "I’d pay $6 billion for a wall that kept cold weather out of Florida. Make The Sunshine State Warm Again!"

Although this month has already seen many days colder than the January average, temperatures are expected to rise again after the cold front passes. According to the 10-day forecast, Tallahassee will see temperatures rise after the 21st - going from a high of 45 degrees back to the upper 50's/lower 60's.


There is a very low chance of precipitation expected for the 21st, meaning it does not seem likely that there will be any snow flurries making an appearance during this freezing cold front in any Northern Florida areas.

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