Miami traffic is nasty and terrible when it comes to rush hour. But even nastier is your toll bill and those expensive express lanes in the morning. Thankfully, however, Miamians could soon stop paying for tolls if a bill passes.

Two lawmakers are working to push legislation that could put to an end to tolls on what are now the priciest highways in Miami. Five county toll roads are responsible for your overdraft fee accounts and expensive bills coming every month. If this bill passes, you could be able to drive freely and without worrying about how many tolls you passed since you missed that exit. 

The tolls imposed on the Gratigny Parkway, the airport, Dolphin, Shula, and Snapper Creek Expressways could disappear under this legislation. 

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The Miami-Dade Express Authority, also known as MDX, brought over $260 million in revenue last year from tolls and fees. This could be concerning for many Florida families as they have to pay constant tolls to get to work each morning. 

MDX was created in 1993 to support county highways with its tax dollars. But it seems like the behemoth authority has got out of hand. 

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Lately, MDX hasn't used its revenue to expand the highways and invest in mass transit. Instead, lawmakers want to relieve the tax burden, arguing that this money would be better spent by county residents within their own communities. The bill will also limit new surtax initiatives after 2020 and prevent the state from issuing new tolls on the highways. 

If this legislation is successful, it could help drivers save a lot of money and avoid road rage. The traffic is already complicated enough for those driving from the suburban areas to Downtown Miami. 

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This could be the end of the toll-by-plate letters you get in your mail. After all, we all need a breather. 


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