While you're sitting at home and planning your next weekend beach getaway, make sure you don't go to the following beaches. Two of the most popular beaches, Crandon Park South in the Key Biscayne and North Shore (located 73rd Street and Collins Avenue) are closed due to the enterococci bacteria. The beaches have too much poop which affects beachgoers and first-time tourists. 

If you were thinking of going for a suntan and swim, think again. After all, nobody likes a poop mask on their skin. The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade has recommended people to stay away from the beaches until it's cleared out. The advisory will be removed once the water samples come back clean. 

The health department also stated that enterococci bacteria "is an indicator of fecal pollution". The bacteria can come from different sources such as pets, wildlife, or human sewage. It's unsafe for Miamians to be around these beaches as they can contract diseases and get urinary tract infections. 

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Crandon Park South is one of the most popular beaches in South Florida. The beach is always packed with families and people love grilling here. It's also common for locals to bring their dogs here - which could have affected the beach cleanliness.

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North Shore Beach is another popular beach among tourists and locals. Beachgoers love doing full moon parties at this location and this beach is perfect for water activities. It's important that visitors switch location and stay away from these areas, as the enterococci bacteria can cause meningitis, pneumonia, and other fatal diseases.

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An advisory was issued after water samples exceeded the federal and state recommended standard for enterococci bacteria. Last fall, the beaches were contaminated and cleared. Unfortunately, tourists will have to find a new beach to spend their winter break.

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