In lieu of a statewide mask mandate, many Florida counties took it upon themselves to invoke their own local mask requirements, some being stricter than others, as seen in Miami-Dade and Miami Beach, where hundreds of people have been fined for not wearing masks.

The Miami Herald reported that Miami Beach police officials have issued $14,400 in fines to people violating the county mask mandate.


$50 fines since July

The cost for not paying the first fine is even heavier, with a possible additional fine of up to $500 if the original was not paid within 30 days.

Perpetrators could also face up to 60 days in jail under a charge of criminal misdemeanor for violating an executive order.

Miami-Dade police have also racked up quite a number of citations, 225 $100 fines to date, totaling $22,500.

Via Miami Herald
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