While America is on track for witnessing the longest partial shutdown the nation has ever seen, now on day 21 the ongoing government shutdown will directly impact the Miami International Airport as a terminal is forced to close over the weekend.

According to an airport spokesperson Greg Chin, the terminal with the least amount of traffic, G, will be closed early so workers can focus on busier checkpoints. TSA employees are among the thousands of government employees who are not getting paid during the Trump Administration shutdown over the border wall. 

Some of the airlines that will be affected by the terminal closure will be United, Aruba, Bahamasair, Frontier Airlines, and Sun Country. Chin stated that throughout the day passengers will still be dropped off at Terminal G, but once the security checkpoint closes, outbound passengers will have no access to the gates. 

Additionally, the restaurants, shops, and businesses in the terminal will also be forced to shut down. 

Chin says that screeners have been calling in sick at double the normal rate, and the TSA will be closing the terminal because they are not confident there will be enough workers to operate all 11 checkpoints. 

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While Terminal G is set to close intermittently for three days, people traveling through the airport have already been complaining about delays.

And people are speaking their mind about the whole matter with very divided opinions. Some are condemning President Trump for the government shutdown while others are saying Trump isn't the only one to blame. 

Miami International Airport currently ranks 12th busiest airport in the United States and more than 160,000 passengers traveled through Miami International Airport on Saturday, December 22, making it the busiest day ever in the history of the airport.

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