If you love fast food, you know nacho fries were the best fast-food item of the year. Not only they were tasty, cheesy, and crunchy. Last summer, nacho fries were the best thing Taco Bell could have ever created, until breaking people's heart when it was taken out off the menu. But, 2019 is the year of nacho fries comeback and people are ecstatic. 

Joy to the fries, the king of fries has come! Taco Bell announced today that the fries are back and you're welcome to take a quick lunch break. This is the third time Taco Bell brings back the fries and people are praying they make it permanent.

If you are a "Fries before guys" type of girl, once you try these fries you might forget who bae is. Nacho fries will become your new bae after dipping on the nacho cheese. 

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People are expressing their joy on Twitter and can't wait to try it once again. The crispy and boldly seasoned fries come with nacho cheese and it cost only $1.29.

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You can find the nacho fries nationwide but, you better hurry up because it's going to be for a limited time only. Many people have already been suggesting to leave the fries on the menu once and for all. But, we think Taco Bell is playing with people's hearts. 

Some people aren't happy that the nacho fries are back. A worker from Taco Bell is complaining about how difficult it is to make this porn food moment happen. 

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But, nothing will stop Taco Bell fans to make the line and get these majestic one-in-a-lifetime fries. 


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