A 20-year-old woman died from her injuries Friday after being struck by lightning in Palm Beach County. Now, Florida officials are calling for change, urging the public to heed severe thunderstorm warnings when the alternative could cost residents their lives.

Twenty-year-old Romelia Ramirez was working with a roofing crew last month in Wellington when lightning struck the roof where she and five coworkers stood, according to CBS 12 News. Ramirez was hit directly, causing her to fall off the roof. All six workers were injured.

Since then, several more severe thunderstorms have slammed the Sunshine State, producing heavy rains and impressive lightning shows that pose a threat to the public. Weather advisories are posted by local governments in an attempt to protect residents when these storms arrive. 

Ramirez passed away Friday, two weeks after being struck by lightning. There were no other fatalities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident, according to WPTV News. 

Local government responded to the tragedy with advice to residents. Palm Beach County officials posted a tweet Wednesday imploring Floridians to stop ignoring thunderstorm warnings. The tweet called for a change in public perception of these warnings.

The tweet was accompanied by a video enumerating the dangers of severe thunderstorms, including strong winds, flash floods, and deadly lightning strikes, the last of which just cost a young woman her life.

To read more about the recent deadly lightning strike in Florida, go here.

Go here to learn more about severe thunderstorms. 

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