This morning Floridians woke up with weather in the 30s and 40s degree. Let's face it, us Floridians start getting our fuzzy coats and scarves when the weather drops to 60. But, Today's cold front in Florida has some people freaking out and bundling up. 

It was the coldest night during the blood wolf moon but Floridians were prepared to get their winter jackets out. Definitely, the lunar eclipse brought some cold front to South Floridians. Overnight, temperatures dropped to the mid-40s and mid-30s across the state. 

If travelers were thinking of enjoying a sunny day at the beach, they got it all wrong. Usually, South Florida stays in the mid-70s during this time of the year. But, this morning Miamians woke up with a chilly surprise. 

Floridians definitely know how to bundle up and take care of their health during a cold front. It's either go big or stay home!

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Frozen has definitely passed through Florida and left a little frost on the way. 

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There some shelters that have opened for the cold front like in Pinellas County. It was definitely the coldest day of the year but Floridians will survive. 

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