A Reddit user posted a video on r/Miami on Monday of a woman pushing a man into oncoming traffic, causing him to be hit by a passing truck. The woman denies on camera that she touched the man at all. Several Redditors have since recognized the surroundings in the video, believing the incident took place on South Beach in Miami. 

The video depicts a man and woman arguing loudly on the sidewalk when suddenly the woman pushes the man into the road. A driver honks their horn and the man appears to be struck by a passing truck partly off-camera. He is thrown to the ground and appears unable to stand. 

While the man lies on the ground, the person filming the incident accuses the woman of causing the accident. 

"You just got him hit by a car!" said the person filming. 

The woman responded, "I didn't f**cking get him hit!" 

"You just f**cking pushed him!" said the person filming. 

"I did not touch that man!" said the woman. 

You can watch the incident below: 

Despite many Redditors condemning the woman's actions, one decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.  

"So I’m gonna play devils [sic] advocate and say maybe the guy shouldn’t have been touching her to begin with...the guy is clearly trying to wrap his arm around her," the Redditor said.

One Redditor commented that the incident took place near the intersection of 14th Street and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, having recognized the Walgreens that appears in the video.

Another wrote, "Looks like SoBe. Acts like SoBe. Is SoBe."

It is not yet confirmed that the incident occurred on South Beach. The man's current conditon is not known. 

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